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Sheep, Cow & Chicken Manure

Sheep Manure
80 litre bag $12.00

Sheep manure is one of the most versatile manures you can use. It can be used around native plants, vegetable gardens, just about anywhere. Sheep manure is low in nitrogen so it won’t burn your plants.

If dug into the ground it can be used as a natural slow release fertilizer. Also, it acts as a natural wetting agent. Sheep manure should be applied to a depth of 25 mm, ensuring it is kept about a bread and butter plate diameter away from base of the plant. Once applied, water in well.

Cow Manure
30 litre bag $9

Cow manure is high in organic material. It is used for plants that require the soil to be more acidic – plants like azaleas, camellias and rhododendron. Cow manure can also be added to compost heaps to increase the nutrient value of the compost.

Chicken Manure
30 litre bag $9

When it comes to fertilizers for vegetable gardens there is nothing better than chicken manure. Chicken manure has the highest nitrogen content of all manures and also contains a good amount of phosphorous and potassium.

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